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    K-Beauty Trends

    ‘One Mask a Day’ Trending in Korea

    ‘One Mask a Day’ Trending in Korea

    ‘One Mask a Day’ is a home skin care method for one application of mask sheet a day. Face mask skin care package for each day usage for a week was recently released due to headlines that celebrities such as Song Jung Ki, Hwang June Eum, and Jung Yoo Mi are openly uses One Pack a Day method.


    Fact that such mask sheet does not require washing off after application and the fact that it is applicable while being active in simple daily life is big advantage. Skin care is now easily accessible while doing dishes or watching dramas. Let’s take a closer look at the easy mask pack skin care method. 


    Mask Sheet Perfect for My Skin

    Mask sheets with various functionalities are available on the market. Amongst countless functions such as nutrition, moisturizing, whitening, and soothing, it is most important to choose a right face pack that will fit your skin the most. Natural ingredient based products provide minimal irritation and can be used on daily bases. It is highly suggested that any product that causes skin trouble after usage be replaced immediately. 


    Mask Sheet after Thorough Cleansing

    Even highly effective mask sheets can easily become useless on keratin and waste accumulated skin. It is very important to fully remove all makeup and wasteful aspects from your skin before application of mask sheet to stop keratin from deteriorating the product ingredients. However, it is suggested to limit exfoliation to 2~3times a week as frequent exfoliation can cause skin damage.

    Mask Sheet Usage that Calls for Double Effects

    Mask sheet can be more effective after your pores are opened with steam towel before application. Tedious process of preparing steam towel can also be avoid is mask sheet is used immediately after shower. It is highly suggested that the mask sheet is removed after 30 minutes to avoid evaporation from the inside of your skin; this will hold true even for mask sheets with excellent moisturizing capabilities. 


    Proper Storage of Mask Sheet

    It is best for mask sheets to be stored in cool temperature area. However, repeated insertion and removal of the product when kept in a refrigerator can lead to deteriorated effectiveness of the essence due to frequent temperature changes. Storing your mask pack in flat surface instead of up-right position is also suggested to prevent essence components from escaping the seat. 



    Korean Women’s Makeup Trend for Cushion Compacts and Water Shine Makeup

    Korean Women’s Makeup Trend for Cushion Compacts and Water Shine Makeup

    Water shine makeup that can keep your skin looking well moisturized even in dry season is attracting attention from both publics and celebrities. Cushion compacts that decrease makeup processes and can be easily carried while being tremendously effective on water shine makeup are now one of the essential items among younger generation of Korean women. 


    To achieve glowing skin like honey, moisturized skin is highly necessary.  In order to manage your skin from the deep down to create a moist skin, it is important to make your skin even through exfoliating product and cleansing foam that helps to calm your skin; and apply products for moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, whitening, and facial pack according to proper basic makeup application order.


    After caring for your skin with moisturizing and anti-wrinkle products in proper order, you can make your skin surface smooth by using the moist cushion compact products, water shine compact, or moisturizing compacts needed for water shine makeup. Moist cushion water shine compact and moisturizing compact are beauty items that are good for water shine makeup and glowing skin makeup on oily skin types. These products have been attracting attention from all cosmetic brands.


     Many women have been choosing cushioning products through several of cosmetic brands. As such, 

    cushion compacts have been used for various makeup methods such as crystal makeup, light makeup, retouch makeup, stable makeup, and skillful makeup application after choosing a right cosmetic brand for each individual skin type.


    Recently, cushion compact and cushion foundations with good covering capability such as water shine foundation, water shine cushion, and pore cushion that helps to express younger and smoother skin tone are being released. When choosing from air cushion product released from various cosmetic brands, it is important to check if product fits an individual’s skin type, if it helps to even out the skin tone with good adhesion, and others. 


    For water shine makeup on oily skin, it is especially important to cleanse the skin thoroughly through basic skin care prior to application of water shine foundation and others to follow the appropriate makeup orders. In case of sensitive skin, it is important to follow basic skin care using skin calming moisturizer and whitening skin care products prior to application of makeup to avoid unsettling of makeup. As such, when using the water shine cushion compact chosen my many women, you can apply basic skin care products and pump on the face with wet cushion puff for beautiful moisturized look.